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Make a calendar public, Change the title, description, set the thumbnail series - Youtube

This is new tools my developed use for youtube.
Tools use youtube API.
Main function in tools
1. Make a calendar public for all private videos in your channel.

(1) : Number private videos in channel.(Auto get when choose channel)
(2) : Number video make public(< private video)
(3) : Number video make public a day.
(4) : Distance day to public video
 Distance day to public video = 2
 - Current date make public video.
 - Calculated from the current date after 2 date will next public video
(5) : Time start public

2. Change the title, description

(1) : Number videos in channel.(Auto get when choose channel)
(2) : Action process to change
(3) : List title, description, tags to change for video
Auto order

3. Set the thumbnail series

(1) : List videos in channel.(Auto get when choose channel)
(2) : Load folder images
(3) : Show all images in folder
Note: Tools only change images format .png(Updating new format)

Skype : hoandovan
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  1. hi, bác cho em xin giá cái tool đó với bác

    1. Cậu liên hệ trực tiếp tớ nhé
      Email :
      Skype : hoandovan